Town of growth

In 1960, the former naval town was joined to the adjacent municipalities of Nieuwenhoorn and Nieuw-Helvoet; and the name of the new municipality became Hellevoetsluis. In the 1970s, Hellevoetsluis was designated as a growth centre, becoming the town with the second largest number of inhabitants on the isle of Voorne-Putten.

Hellevoetsluis has received many new inhabitants. These are mainly people who work elsewhere, such as in the port areas of Europoort-Botlekgebied and Rotterdam, but who, due to the good infrastructures, have chosen to live in the tranquil and spacious Hellevoetsluis.

Since that time, many new housing districts have been built: the Struyten, the Kooistee, the Bonsen hoek, and the Ravense hoek. These are spaciously laid out districts, surrounded by green and close to the water, a wonderful clean living and recreational climate! As the number of inhabitants has grown, the range of facilities in Hellevoetsluis has also grown. With a modern shopping mall, a swimming pool, water sports, many sports facilities and recreational facilities, Hellevoetsluis has grown into a lively fortification town on the Haringvliet.